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How  to  book  trial  lesson? 

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  • 1
    Decide how much
    you want to purchase
    Determine how many classes you currently wish to book, and top up the needed amount of "Joy Coins” to book them.
  • 2
    Make your payment
    After the payment is completed, a corresponding balance appears in your "Joy Coins" account.
  • 3
    Redeem class hours
    Use "Joy Coins" to redeem a single class or a class package, and schedule the class or classes with the teacher you choose.

How  to  schedule  formal  classes 

Prepare  the  equipment  for  class 

Our platform supports the following devices

  • Desktop Computer
    + Webcam + Headset
  • Laptop (with a
    webcam) + Headset
  • Tablet or Smart Phone
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